The name, Bezyl


I get a lot of questions about the name, Bezyl.

  • How do you say it?
  • What does it mean?
  • Where did it come from?


  • Pronounced bězǐl
  • Bezyl is not a real word. The name Bezyl is a friendly nod to a little Arabian pony named Bezelet.

Here’s the story

More than 20 years ago I lived and worked in Israel. As a side job (and personal therapy), I worked with and trained horses at a horse farm near Beer Sheva. I love all horses, but there was one horse in particular that was extra special. Her name was Bezelet (translates to “basalt” from Hebrew to English) because of her coloring.

Bezelet was a feisty, but deeply loyal Arabian pony and I loved her dearly. I could open her stall door and let her wander around while I did the chores because she would follow me like a puppy. I loved riding her out into the desert. She was afraid of every twig, every puddle on the ground or anything she thought was a puddle. If I wanted her to step over even the smallest obstacle, it would sometimes take me 20 min of encouragement to help her see she had nothing to fear. As her fear started to subside and her trust in me grew, she became my most trusted partner. She would do anything I asked and even when fear would creep back in, she looked to me for her strength.

When I started my company I wanted a strong name. It needed to have meaning, even if it was a hidden meaning. My team and I went through hundreds of ideas, but when we landed on Bezyl, we knew it was right. Only I will ever know the relationship I had with little Bezelet, but it felt right for this company. Bezyl isn’t only a company. We don’t just build software.

We want everyone in the world to find the mental strength they need to tackle every day. We can do that by helping each other.

Naming a company is only a small step. We could literally call the company anything we want. We could call it “rock” or “orange” or “cup”. Ultimately the branding comes from our values, vision, mission and who we are as representatives of the company. But it is exciting to have a name we love and it has some hidden meaning too. I think it even has a bit of a ring once you become attached to it!