Bezyl and Erindale Design are helping Ukraine

Our CEO, Esther Howard, modeling a pair of earrings being sold to support Ukraine

Bezyl supports Erindale Design – A message from our CEO

My most incredible cousin, Erin Davidson started her own company, Erindale Design When the war in Ukraine started, she immediately responded with a fundraiser to make these beautiful earrings and give 100% of the proceeds to supporting Ukraine. I had to buy her earrings and model them for you all to show off her amazing work and encourage everyone to get these earrings and support Ukraine (plus of course look through her website and see what else you may need).

Buy a pair of these beautiful earrings to support Ukraine and other designs made with love in Canada by Erin.

Go to Erindale Design


Here’s what Bezyl is going to do to help Ukraine

Bezyl is a mental health company created to help people help each other. Our entire development team are based in Ukraine and they are continuing to work despite the war.

We meet with our Ukrainian team nearly every morning and it has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life – puts everything into perspective. One morning, we asked our lead developer how he is doing. His response, “well, a missile strike hit a few kilometres from us last night, but this morning, the birds are singing and we are alive”. He even went on to describe the life in Lviv where he is now. They have movie theatres open and restaurants. The people are continuing to live.

Next, he asked us if we can deploy the app into Ukraine. I held back emotions when we told him yes, absolutely, we will get the app ready for Ukrainians as quickly as possible. So … what are we building at Bezyl right now? We are updating the app to get it into the hands as many Ukrainians as possible. It will be deployed through Europe so the refugees can get the help they need and people can offer them help. Stay tuned because we are building this plane as we fly it and we are making decisions every day to figure out how to do it.

You can support this entire effort by downloading the Bezyl app on Google Play or Apple store, use the small version that is available, setup the spheres in your life and practice communicating with each other so you can give us feedback and we can make it as helpful as possible for our Ukrainian friends.