Our Team


Esther Howard, CEO & Founder

Very personal experiences in life drove Esther to start Bezyl. Her vision is to see a world where people are helping each other, and are able to build the mental strength they need to tackle each day.


Liz Burns, Head of Product, COO & Co-Founder

Liz is responsible for the product roadmap and making sure we are creating the best possible user experience. She is focused on building an easy, intuitive and secure tool that makes help easy.


Miguel Serricchio, Chief Development Officer (fractional)

Miguel plays a key role in overall strategy and operations for the company. He supports corporate structure, brings his network and personal experiences to help build Bezyl.


Ashley Williams, Director of Research

Ashley brings her experience in clinical settings as a healthcare provider, regulatory, quality, HIPAA compliance, sales, marketing, clinical trials, and other requirements to support our customers




Sigma Software is our partner in developing the Bezyl app. They are working hard to contribute with their creative ideas, their project management and team of experienced developers.

Visit them at Sigma Software