People helping people

When it is easier to ask for help
And when we know how to help
We build mental strength

Asking for and offering help can be easy
You can give and get help

Know what to say
Gain courage
Feel cared for

51.5MAmericans suffer from ANY mental illness

13.1MAmerican suffer from SERIOUS mental illness

66%of people are ashamed to ask for help

95%of people want to help

Know when to reach out
Know what to say
Know what to give

12MAmerican adults had serious thoughts of suicide

1.4MAmericans attempted suicide

2ndleading cause of death for Americans ages 10-34

2.5times more suicides than homicides

Eliminate the anxiety of choosing who to call
Create your spheres of support and click for help
Your data belongs to you
We take data privacy seriously


We invest in ensuring your trust


We protect your personal information


We provide supportive insights

Together help can be easier
We can all help each other

We keep this section updated with some of our favorite resources to help us all learn to give and get the help we need

to Smash the stigma
of mental health

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