Our Unique Solution

Bezyl® offers a personalized toolbox of support, supplementing and enhancing clinical therapy. Our app offers a free license to our standard toolbox of support because everyone deserves access to support anytime, anywhere in the world. For communities, organizations, and employers looking for a tailored solution, Bezyl® offers a Premium License which customizes the experience and adds a data dashboard, bringing in the insights of similar populations from around the world, to continually improve the support provided.

Addressing a Global Crisis

Trauma impacts 70% of the world's population, leaving over 4 billion people without access to essential mental health support. Ignoring this issue will cost the global economy and healthcare systems trillions.

Powered by People Helping People

Bezyl is your personalized mental health toolbox, designed to connect you with family, friends, and supportive networks. Our app makes it easy to ask for and offer help, track your mood, and access valuable resources. Simple, secure, and supportive, Bezyl ensures you have the right tools to manage your mental health effectively.

Download the Free Bezyl App Today!

Start Your Journey to Better Mental Health

Become part of a global community committed to improving mental health. With Bezyl, you’re never alone in your journey. Download the Bezyl app today and access a personalized toolbox of support right at your fingertips. Our free app offers essential tools and resources to help you manage and improve your mental health, anytime and anywhere.

How it Works

A comprehensive suite of features to support mental health

Specifically designed for customized mental health support, our experts collaborate closely with each customer to craft a tailored toolbox that meets the unique needs of communities, organizations, and employees. Leveraging Bezyl’s proprietary platform, this toolbox provides essential support while generating real-world data that yields actionable insights. This ensures that your users receive the precise care and resources they need, and you gain valuable data insights on what is helping your users the most.

Spheres of Support

Connect easily with family, friends, and your support network.

Give and Get Help

Simplify the process of asking for and offering help.

Buddy Check

Set reminders to check on the people you care about.

Daily Mood Tracker

Track your mood daily with a simple click.


Access a comprehensive library of information & resources on giving and receiving support.


Review your progress and learn how to improve your mental health over time.