Esther Howard

CEO & Founder

With a robust background in finance, health economics and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Esther has successfully led the development of multiple oncology drugs from the laboratory stage to commercial availability. Her expertise spans global research processes, regulatory frameworks, finance, operational management, and digital health. Motivated by personal experiences, including escaping from a cult, Esther is now channeling her extensive research knowledge and industry relationships to revolutionize the accessibility and effectiveness of mental health tools. ​ Through Bezyl®, she aims to scale innovative mental health solutions to the world, ensuring everyone receives the support they need.

Here's the Story of the Name, Bezyl

Bezyl (pronounced BEH-zl) has a special meaning rooted in a personal journey of overcoming fear and finding strength through connection and support.

As part of my own mental health journey, horses played a significant role in my life. Although I never owned a horse, I sought every opportunity to work on horse farms, gaining experience and simply being around these magnificent animals.

A few years ago, while living and working in Beer Sheva, Israel, I found a side gig taking care of horses in the desert. There was one Arabian pony, named Bezelet, whom I grew to love. Bezelet and I formed a strong bond as we worked together daily to help her overcome her fears, which mirrored my own journey of conquering one fear after another.

Bezelet is the Hebrew word for basalt, a very strong rock formed under intense heat, reflecting her coloring. Our journey together was one of mutual trust and overcoming fears. One day, I helped her cross water for the first time—a moment that brought me to tears and symbolized our shared progress.

The name Bezyl is a nod to this little Arabian pony who, despite being full of fear, needed only love and encouragement to overcome her challenges. This story illustrates that mental health can be strengthened through mutual care and support, just as Bezelet and I found strength in each other. At Bezyl, we believe that with the right support, we can all overcome our fears and achieve mental well-being.

Our Leadership Team

I have learned to embrace the scars that have taught me to thrive and love life.

Esther Howard Founder & CEO

It’s through overcoming obstacles that we find our true selves!

Meredith Boley Product & Data Strategy

Living purposefully through my experiences, my focus is on helping others.

Erin Davidson Delivery & Support

Empathy and innovation guide my mission to improve mental health care.

Melissa Coloton Commercial Operations

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