Our Story and Vision

At Bezyl®, we believe that everyone deserves access to mental health support, regardless of their circumstances. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities by providing a personalized toolbox of support that is SIMPLE, SECURE, and SUPPORTIVE. We strive to foster a culture of People Helping People, where support is always within reach.

Bezyl was founded with a mission to revolutionize mental health support by leveraging the power of connection and community. Our journey began when our founder, Esther, experienced firsthand the challenges of accessing timely and effective mental health care. This personal experience ignited a passion to create a solution that bridges the gap between those in need and the support they require.

Our vision is to create a world where mental health support is accessible, personalized, and integrated into everyday life. By partnering with regulatory agencies, clinical experts, and communities, we aim to advance mental health research and provide data-driven solutions that make a real difference.

Our Approach

Bezyl combines innovative technology with a human touch. Our app, available on Google Play and the Apple Store, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to support mental well-being. From connecting with family and friends through our Spheres of Support feature to tracking moods and accessing a library of resources, Bezyl is here to help you every step of the way.

For communities, organizations, and employers seeking tailored solutions, our Premium License offers enhanced functionality and a customized toolbox of support. This premium option ensures that users receive the precise care and resources they need, supported by real-world data and actionable insights.

Underserved Communities

Alleviating healthcare burdens, enhancing productivity, and reducing rates of suicide, depression, and addiction.


Addressing mental health challenges to mitigate suicides and support families affected by trauma.

First Responders

Providing crucial support to mitigate mental health challenges and their community impact.

Healthcare Networks

Improving treatment adherence, clinical outcomes, and reducing hospital readmission rates.

Life Sciences

Facilitating diverse recruitment, enhancing protocol adherence, and increasing patient engagement.

Employee Organizations

Boosting workplace productivity, improving retention rates, and attracting top talent

Our Leadership Team

I have learned to embrace the scars that have taught me to thrive and love life.

Esther Howard Founder & CEO

It’s through overcoming obstacles that we find our true selves!

Meredith Boley Product & Data Strategy

Living purposefully through my experiences, my focus is on helping others.

Erin Davidson Delivery & Support

Empathy and innovation guide my mission to improve mental health care.

Melissa Coloton Commercial Operations

Our Advisors


Psychiatry, Digital Diagnostics


Oncology Research


Strategic Partnerships


Pediatric Clinical Research


Data & Real World Evidence


Health & Life Science Technology


U.S. Veteran Support

Adael Bryant

Israeli Veteran Support